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You should now be able to connect securely to UO wireless network services.


Start the Cisco VPN software. Use uovpn.uoregon.edu for the connection server, then click the Connect button.

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Use this service to get support for the UO VPN, including but not limited to: Setting up UO VPN on a new device. Troubleshoot installation issues. Troubleshoot connection issues. Other. Each department that has purchased firewall services is eligible for its own private VPN or additional VPN profile (s). VPN (virtual private networking) is software that allows your computer, tablet, or smartphone to connect to UOnet, the university's network, from anywhere in the world and give the appearance that you are on campus. VPN is best used to access online resources that are available only to on-campus customers.

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Installing the UO VPN software on an Android device How to install the VPN software on an Android device. See Firewall and VPN Services for more information. For custom VPN access support see the Specialized VPN Support service. Use the Administrator Access VPN service to request Administrator Access. See the "Getting Started with the UO VPN" knowledge article in the Related Articles section (right side of page). How to Create a Ticket Solution Open the main Settings app for Windows Navigate to Network & Internet and then VPN Select the UO VPN connection you connected to previously Click the Disconnect button University of Oregon Mac OS X Installation Instructions In a web browser go to https://vpnclient.uoregon.edu Use your UO Duck ID and password to log in.

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